Baldness Treatment in Bandra

People mostly assume that baldness can cause only when you reach a certain age or it is a cause of ageing, Well! It is a big no!! ageing is not the only cause of your baldness. People at a very young age also go through the same kind of problem and then they get anxious while getting out of the house as they think people might laugh at them (especially at their baldness). But staying home cannot be an option, we should know what are we exactly suffering from which is causing weight loss and take steps to treat it.

Here are some of the possible causes which you might be suffering from:

    Lack of vitamin deficiency such as the absence of Vitamin B12, DC, or even zinc and biotin deficiency can also cause hair loss. A balanced diet can help you get over these deficiencies.
    Stress can lead to a lot of health problems but one of them is hair loss, you need to know what is causing you to stress and take steps towards managing it. The best you can do is start meditating and doing some stress-bursting activities like things which give you happiness and make you feel stress-free.
    The immune system attacks the body and produces disorders where the body’s organs experience dysfunctions. Autoimmune diseases can impair the digestive system leading to problems with nutrient intake and hair loss.
    Some of the factors which can cause hair loss is when it’s hereditary. Are your family members getting bald very soon? If the answer is yes then even you can also go through the same, the one thing you can do to avoid hair loss at a young age is to care for your hair constantly by oiling it twice a week, knowing which product suits your hair type and using it accordingly.
    Well as there are constant changes taking palace in our body during the pregnancy period. This is not a huge worry but if you think that it seems like a concern consult your doctor.
    There is a lot of research stating that due to hormonal changes a person can suffer from hair loss, there is no possible prevention for it but you can talk to your doctor if you feel you are suddenly losing too much hair.
    If you are prescribed a new type of medication and since then you have started experiencing hair loss then it can be a possible side effect of that medicine. So what can you do now? Talk to your doctor and ask them to change the medications.

Hair loss seems to be a more serious problem than it seems can be caused due to various types of problems, the first thing you should do before experimenting with anything is to consult a dermatologist and get your problem resolved before it causes any further harm to your hair.


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