Radiante – Healthy Skin

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Radiante - Healthy Skin

At YAVANA, it is not just about just skin care, but it’s also about skin health. Our Radiante treatments are performed with well researched, latest, safest and the most effective products. There are many things our procedures help in reducing and removing brown spots or pigmentation, acne or acne scarring broken veins or rosacea dull skin and preserving good skin.

We are delighted to introduce a novel concept for healthy skin – the new YAVANA Signature Medifacials for different skin types. The Yavana signature medifacials are designed to suit the different skin needs and types. These facials have an international celebrity following due to its fantastic and instant results.

These facials are a 3-in-1 innovative skin rejuvenating treatment for cleansing, exfoliating, and improving skin oxygen levels and the infusion of nutrient-rich ingredients. With YAVANA medifacial, patients can have their healthy skin care needs met in one simple treatment.

The benefits of YAVANA Signature Medifacial include:

  • Skin Plumping & Hydrating
  • Oil control
  • Restored Skin Volume
  • Renewed Youthful Glow
  • Reduced Pigmentation and tan
  • Reduced Appearance of Wrinkles