I have suffered a lot of acne for a very long time. And the acne scars also made me look horrible. Dr Madhuri agarwal suggested me to opt active acnes treatment. From my first sitting to third i can see a lot of changes. my acne scars are fading and i can a see glow on face. Thanks doctor for bringing me back my confidence!

Shruti Bhosale

Affordable prices, genuine advice and desirable results is how I would define Yavana Aesthetics Clinic. A big thumbs up to Dr. Agarwal and the entire team!!

Shikha Thakur

Awesome Doctor Madhuri is best for skin. My daughter is suffering from fungal infactioi. From Soo maym days.when I take her to this cilinic she was feeling fine within 3day .tthank you so much for Doctor Madhuri Agarwal

Suhani Singh

It was my first time with a Dermat. And I must say, a good one. Dr. Madhuri is a very kind person and an expert. Thank you so much for your excellent services.

Tabitha Naylor

Dr Madhuri is one of the best dermatologist in India. She is soft spoken and councils patient in detail.She advices diet and preventive measures alongside medicines.The clinic staff are also very good. I would highly recommend her.

Rupali Purkar

I visited Yavana Aesthetic Clinic for a skin rejuvenation treatment before an important event. The procedure took less time than expected and I got desirable results. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone facing issues with their skin or the hair. Dr. Madhuri Agarwal holds a great team of doctors and a staff that is super friendly and helpful. I give Yavana Aesthetic Clinic a big fat thumbs up and five stars because the service here is excellent and affordable at the same time!

Falguni Patel

Amazing experience at Yavana. Best treatments given for skin and hair care. Have been going to Yavana for a while and have amazing results on both hair and skin.

Disha Shah

Over 9 months ago i started my treatment for acne here. I had visited quite a few dermats without much success. Thanks to doc Madhuri in 2 months i started seeing a permant difference to my face. The staff is extremely good too.

Avaanticka Narayan

I met wid Dr Madhuri Agarwal abt 3months ago for my adult acne and she gave me the best treatmnt by her sweetest n friendly nature n by sweet smile.. Aftr takng her treatmnt i got to see result within a month.. Patiently answers all ur questions vid sweet smile on her face.. For ane skin related problms i wud recommend Dr Madhuri Agarwal.. Last but not least Staffs are also vry Good....

Komal Sethi

About 8 months ago, I met with Dr.Madhuri Agarwal, for pimples on my face. I had lost self confidence. She gave me the best treatment and motivation by her sweetest and friendly nature. After taking her treatments, I feel so happy now when I see myself in the mirror, she helped clear my face of the pimples. She always encourages, by saying to keep patience to get better result. After taking her laser treatment, I got extremely best result and now my skin is completely clean. She followed up so well and she also answered and explained all my questions well and guided nicely. For any skin related problems, I would certainly recommend Dr.Madhuri Agarwal ❤️

Poonams Mehendi

I have an ongoing laser treatment with Dr. Madhuri and had no side effects upto now. She was keen to listen to all my issues/queries and answered each of them with explanations.. She has in depth knowledge of the treatment she suggests to the patients, whatever medicine she prescribes she will tell you for what the medicine or cream is used..
My sis first took treatment from Dr. Madhuri and now im undergoing treatment, so we know doc from past 3 years..

Sneha Nair

Would really recommend this clinic. Doctor and staff are really nice and their treatments are very effective.


I feel a lot relief after treatment by doctor madhuri I have very good experience with doctor and all staff.

Rupesh Kumar

I was suffering from acne problem, I visited Yavana Aesthertic clinic and consult with Dr. Madhuri agarwal.. She advised me for carbon laser peel treatment, I started my peel treatment, after 3 peel I feel relaxed my all acne gone. Thank you doctor.

Abhinay Gupta

Nice staff and excellent services. Did the Claire acne treatment very patiently. I had way too much acne and could see a vast difference in one month. Only the scars are left and i am sure they’ll be gone in another few days.

Samuel Watson

Dr Madhuri has all solutions to your Skin problems. I have recently started my treatment with her. She knows it all and has the best solutions to all your skin problems. No hard selling and true to her profession. Highly recommended.

Sachin Sharma

I visited Dr. Madhuri day at yavana clinic a day before yesterday through a relatives reference. I was going through a real bad time because of a bad skin condition. I met her and her team who treated me really well. Being an old man, I felt the treatment was good but the clinic was even better. I am grateful and I bless you all. Apart from this my wife was also treated by them and she is equally happy with both of them. God bless you and your team members .

Goutam Bhattacharya

My experience with Dr Madhuri was totally amazing. I had visited her khar clinic regarding acne spots on my face and she was really excellent at her role! She is so polite and discussed all my queries in details. My treatment is still going on but I can already see some improvements. Thank you Dr Madhuri for all your expertise, we are lucky to have you!

Nehaji Sharma