Dermal Fillers

All About Dermal Fillers: The Gateway to Youthful Beauty 

With two decades in dermatology and countless satisfied clients, my passion lies in crafting natural, youthful skin. At Yavana Aesthetics, we often recommend dermal fillers as a reliable solution to counteract the signs of ageing, bringing your skin’s inner radiance to the forefront.

In pursuing age-defying skin, dermal fillers have emerged as a trusted companion. While our skin naturally loses its elasticity and fullness as we age, dermal fillers act as a bridge, replenishing what time has taken away. They fill the voids created by wrinkles and lines and reintroduce volume and lift to areas that have begun to sag, effectively sculpting the face to its youthful contours. 

Now, many patients ask, “How does this compare to Botox?”. Here’s my take. While both are champions in the anti-ageing realm, they serve distinct purposes. Botox primarily relaxes the muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly those that form from facial expressions, like frown lines or crow’s feet. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, focus on restoring volume and fullness, tackling deep-set wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and thinning lips. Consider Botox as the relaxant for surface wrinkles and fillers as the volumizer for deeper age-related changes. Together or individually, they’re powerful tools in the arsenal against ageing. Under expert guidance like at Yavana Aesthetics, they can artfully restore and retain that youthful allure we all cherish.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are our allies in the battle against skin ageing. When delicately injected beneath the skin’s surface, these gel-like substances can rejuvenate, replenish, and reshape facial contours. At their core is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in our skin. This humble component is the superstar of the facial filler world due to its safety and effectiveness. When used adeptly, it promises to:

  • Combat Undereye Hollowness: Brighten up the windows to your soul.
  • Smooth Lines: They stand no chance if they’re around the nose and mouth, commonly known as marionette or smile lines.
  • Revitalize Sunken Areas: Be it the cheeks or the temples, bring back youthful plumpness.
  • Erase Vertical Lip Lines: Why not plump those lips for a fuller smile while at it?
  • Iron Out the Chin Crease: Say goodbye to any unwanted marks.
  • Enhance Symmetry: Balancing and beautifying all your lovely features.

The Dermal Filler Experience

The process is more straightforward than one might think. Typically conducted as an outpatient procedure, a session lasts up to an hour. The comfort of my patients is paramount; hence, we always administer a numbing medication prior.

While the transformative results are immediate, you might notice slight bruising or swelling. These are temporary and should subside within a week. Sometimes, a touch-up might be necessary once the swelling recedes to achieve that perfect look.

How long do the results last?

The magic of dermal fillers varies from one person to another and depends on the area treated. On average, you can expect the results to grace your skin anywhere between 6 to 18 months. A more frequent touch-up might be in order if you want to enhance those lips.

Aftercare and Precautions

Dermal fillers at Yavana Aesthetics are safe. However, every skin tells a different story, and some might experience temporary side effects like mild pain, bruising, or swelling. For the best results, I always recommend:

  • No Massages: For 24 hours, resist touching the treated areas.
  • No Facials or Sauna: Keep steam and sauna sessions at bay for 15 days.
  • Rest is Best: Refrain from vigorous activities for 72 hours to let the treatment work wonders.
  • Sun Safety: Stay away from direct sunlight and heat for 72 hours.
  • Elevate When You Sleep: If swelling occurs, sleeping with your face slightly raised is best.

Remember, the journey to radiant skin combines science, expertise, and care. Feel free to reach out to Yavana Aesthetics for guidance, and together, let’s unlock the secret to timeless beauty.

By Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, Founder of Yavana Aesthetics