My experience with Dr Madhuri Agrawal & her clinic is always superb. Dr Madhuri gives an outstanding results on your skin which are long lasting. I have blind fold trust on her as she has given a drastic change on my skin. She is just a awesome person by heart . I just cannot describe her in few words ..i
love her & she is just superb


I m soo happy with your treatment that what ever was suggested i used to follow that only. I’m always getting complements in parties for my glowing skin.
Thanks to Dr.Madhuri for her best treatments n advice.


I first visited Dr. Madhuri Agarwal in September 2011. I had severe acne scars/ pits. Was very confused, nervous unsure as to how her treatment would help me. But with her regular course of treatment, I now have improved skin which I happily flaunt. She has given life to my dead Skin. I can feel my Skin breathe.


Dr. Madhuri is a one stop solution for all my skin and beauty related issues. Her friendly and genuine nature helps build a trust level and ofcourse needless to say the great results that show on the skin post any treatment makes me think no further. My skin feels great and I feel very confident thanks to Dr. Madhuri. Have been consulting Dr. Madhuri now for over 3 years and sure will & have recommended her to my friends and family.

Jayesh Iyer

Dr madhuri while being patient in hearing your ailment is quick to diagnose the cause & Dr Madhuri prowess in her field of expertise becomes more evident as she empathises with the patient concern & prescribes, advises to relieve the patient from both physical & psychological ailment effectively, effortlessly.


Hi I m karishma an m very much concern for my skin before I had a chance to meet Dr Madhuri ever since she taken the charge of my skin it’s in the best shape.. An she make sure that my skin looks gud in every season her staff is also very co operative an clinic is very hygienic
I thank Doc for my skin an all d valuable advices she had given to me. My experience with her is awesome


I am patient of Dr. Madhuri for last 5 years suffering from psoriasis. I had very good experience. She is very positive person and half of your disease is reduced once you visit her clinic and talk to her. She is very close to the patient and give personal care to each and every patient. We feel very comfortable when we visit her. Beforei visited her I used to feel that this disease is not curable and I have to struggle with this through out my life. But now I am living my professional and personal life without any issues. She is really blessed by god to treat people like us. I would like to thank her for what she did for us and would like to wish her best of luck for future.

Shruti Chatterjee

As a doctor, I find you very professional and honest with your patients. I have been consulting you for my acne & pigmentation treatment for the past two years now and I am finding lot of change in my face. It is being noticed by other people too and they are asking me whether I am taking any treatment. For any human being, especially women, her looks matter a lot and in my case, it was quite depressing before I started your treatment. I had lost hopes before I came to you as I have been suffering from acne and skin pigmentation problem for the past 12 years. I had consulted many skin specialists including homeopaths, taken treatment from beauticians; but it always remained temporary. However, now with your expertise and personal advice, I am observing the difference and also following the instructions religiously. It has definitely changed my motivation level at work and in the society.
With best wishes,

Trisha Agarwal

I have known Dr Madhuri since 2007. During this time, I have found her to be extremely proficient and her treatment has been extremely effective. More importantly, she is approachable and always genuinely cares for her patients. I wish her more success and joy and hope that she keeps up the good work!

C G Usha

Hello Madam,
You were a blessing in disguise for me. You have really transformed my face from a complete acne to a non acne and a presentable face.
I was myself shocked that despite so many attempts I could not get the desired result and coming here, in just 6 months, I got an excellent result. For our convenience, she is now available in the morning as wel as evening so in this way, she is easily accessible. I thank her for the support and care extended nd wish her the best!

RR Govindan & Mrs.Radha Govindan

Dear Dr.Madhuri,
We are very glad to learn that your are in the process of designing your own website. Here come our sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes. Our visits to your clinic have always begun and ended very pleasantly. We used to feel that we are actually consulting a friend and a well wisher who explains all the ‘pros and cons’ about the problem and the various options for treatment, giving us a feeling of being in control of the situation and the course of treatment chosen. May God bless you with success in all your endeavors!!!
Best Regards,

Haripriya Garg

Dear Mam,
I was looking for an effective skin care what all the product and suggestion you have provided for daily routine have been really useful for me. I have acne, pimple and dark spot on my face. I used your prescribed product to clear and to treat it. It is a topical prescription treatment that acne problem, discoloration and improve and even skin tone. I used it for three months and my skin have less pimples and acne and it became so much better and no new acne are present now on skin. I started off with the sunscreen and it helped to protect my skin from the sun. I was so impressed by all these.
Thank you so much for all suggestions and prescription. I will be continuing for further consultation.

Ashwini Kamble

Hello Doctor,
I thought that, the circumstances warrants a personal note of gratitude for so successfully handling my recent scare. So, here is what I have to say:-
(a.) I feel very special in your office.
(b.) you really helped me out in my last minute fixes.
(c.) you and your staff in your office give their patients kind and caring services.
(d.) your work is so clean and heals well.
(e.) thankyou for your sincere and professional care.
And last but, not the least
Doctor Madhuri Agarwal’s care is an “Excellent Care”….
Regards & Best wishes,


My acquaintance with Dr.Madhuri happened through a referral & I consider myself fortunate to having met a person like her. I have been her regular patient at The Skin Clinic – Mulund (W) for the past six months now. I would like to summarise my experiences as: (a) I had initially approached her post my laser removal of DPN on my face (freckle-like spots) for chemical peelings which eventually got converted into daily skin care routine & overall rejuvenation of the skin prior to my wedding in Nov ’14. I found these peelings very effective & gave me the glow which surpassed the results of beauty facials at salons, (b) In addition to medication, Dr. Madhuri stresses a lot on a healthy lifestyle & routine care of the skin at home which has appealed to me a lot, and (c) a very humble down-to-earth person who is just a phone call/sms away from her patients.”

Gauri N

 I met Dr.Madhuri some 8 years ago! I had some problems with my skin due to excessive make up application and it was her guidance that helped me overcome the issues and get my flawless skin back! She is a very warm and caring person. She is a thorough professional who is very well updated with the latest skin & hair technology, always keeps track of her patients and checks on them regularly. If you need a skin and hair specialist, who will treat you with utmost care, expertise and sincerity, you can just count on her! 100% trust guaranteed..:)


I am a person who has taken her body for granted. never used even sunscreen. as my skin is very sensitive I had problem especially very dry skin and pigmented but drmadhuri’s treatment helped me as it is very simple to just apply proper moisturiser and sunscream that is good for your skinher peels were also very effective they helped me a lot very happy and statisfied

Ms.Sanma Shetty

After having hopped from Allopathy to Homeopathy and then to Ayurveda and having changed many doctors for my persistent skin condition, I decided to go to Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, after my cousin recommended her for the same. My experience with her has been very positive. She exudes a vibe, which makes you believe that she will solve the problem you are there for. She is never in a hurry to move to the next patient, despite a long queue waiting outside. She is extremely progressive, constantly trying to introduce various skin procedures which could be the answer to a radiant and a healthy skin in the long run. My skin has improved over a period of time, with regular follow-ups with her. If you are looking for a dermatologist who is receptive, monetarily reasonable, patient, warm, friendly, approachable,and more importantly effective, then Dr. Madhuri Agarwal’s Skin Clinic is where you need to go 🙂
Regards & Best wishes,

Gaurav Agrawal

It was the grand celebration of our daughter Naisha’s first birthday and more than the celebration preparations, we were much tensed for the measles-kind infection that seem to have engulfed our little one on the day of the event. We were getting tons of advice on expecting the worst and to immediately start medication for measles etc. Incidentally, Dr.Madhuri being one of the invitees, came to rescue at the last moment. After a brief overview of our daughter in the room, she nullified all our fears and recommended some very simple medication for the next one week. We initially thought that its too simplistic and too good to be true , to be even having any results, but to our surprise, the infection subsided really well within a week!! Its actually true that more the skill, simpler the solution and Dr.Madhuri fits to this fact tremendously well! Hats off to you doc and keep the great work doing by making people more beautiful through simple ways!!
Best Regards,

Mohan Nambiar

I know this note will sound a lot like the ones before, but I can’t stop myself to mention it again. I can honestly say I have never felt so relieved and confident leaving your clinic after my skin session. The professionalism, attention, concern, interest and sincerity toward my well-being and comfort was genuine as always. Thanks for your time, energy and your commitment. You really made a big positive difference in me.

Nisha Agrawal

I’m undergoing for a hair treatment at your clinic from the last 3 months and I’m very much satisfied with the treatment and the way you attend your patients. Post the medication and all, I can see the reduction in my hair fall. And, I think I will continue the visit for some more suggestions.
Thanks for a very warm meeting and helping me to resolve my hair fall issues.
Thanks & Regards,

Javed Khan

It is a helpful clinic. It works and gives wonderful results. Everyone should try this clinic and can get a solution for their skin problems.